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SCM Weekly: The soulful path to a beautiful business

Published about 2 months ago • 4 min read

Greetings Changemakers! As we navigate through the ebb and flow of life, we find ourselves amidst a tapestry of experiences, challenges, and opportunities. With each passing moment, we are presented with the chance to embrace growth, learning, and evolution. Join us as we delve into the thought-provoking insights of the week.

In this issue:

  • The soulful path to a beautiful business with Steven Morris
  • Adapting leadership styles: Keys to thriving in transformation
  • Unlocking the power of simplicity: Gall's Law explained

The soulful path to a beautiful business

Hot off the press this week is our latest episode of the podcast featuring Steven Morris, a visionary changemaker who brings a soulful approach to the world of business. In this episode, Steven brings a treasure trove of wisdom that will help you redefine success in business, transcending financial metrics to encompass employee well-being, environmentally sound practices, customer satisfaction, and positive community impact. Imagine a workplace where each individual can be full expressed!

Here are 5 key lessons this episode uncovers:

  • Spirituality & business blend: Learn why bringing your full self – yes, even your spirituality and faith – to work is not just possible, but beneficial for creating businesses that resonate with core values.
  • Success redefined: Venture beyond the balance sheet into a world where success encompasses employee wellness, customer joy, and positive ripples across communities.
  • Cultural artistry: Discover the magic of human artistry in business and how it can evolve leadership and organizational culture for the better.
  • Reverence in business: Delve into the mindset of reverence and working with unseen forces that can enhance relationships and adaptability in any business context.
  • Organizational doors to improvement: Get an insider's look at the three doors (culture, business strategy, and brand) and how they interconnect to create harmonious progress within organizations.

Leadership styles for changemakers

In the dynamic landscape of change and transformation, effective leadership is crucial for guiding changemakers towards their vision. Understanding and adapting various leadership styles can empower leaders to navigate diverse situations and foster growth within their teams. Drawing from research by Daniel Goleman, let's explore six key leadership styles and their applications in today's evolving business environment:

  1. Coercive Leadership: While demanding immediate compliance, this top-down approach is best suited for crisis situations where swift action is necessary. However, its long-term impact on organizational culture can be corrosive.
  2. Authoritative Leadership: Inspiring a shared vision and motivating teams toward a common goal, this style thrives during periods of change or uncertainty, offering clarity and direction without micromanagement.
  3. Pacesetting Leadership: Holding high standards for excellence, this style should be used sparingly to avoid creating a pressure-cooker environment. It suits highly motivated teams but requires balance to prevent burnout.
  4. Affiliative Leadership: Building emotional bonds and fostering a supportive workplace culture, this style nurtures camaraderie and collaboration, particularly vital in creating positive work environments and enhancing team morale.
  5. Democratic Leadership: Empowering team members with decision-making authority, this style fosters ownership and responsibility. It's effective for generating ideas and gathering input but may not be suitable in times of crisis.
  6. Coaching Leadership: Focused on individual growth and development, this style emphasizes mentorship and feedback to support employees in reaching their full potential. It's valuable for performance evaluations and fostering continuous learning.

By adapting these leadership styles to fit the unique needs of each situation, changemakers can cultivate engaged, empowered teams and drive sustainable growth in pursuit of their mission.

From complexity to simplicity

Delving into Tamsen Webster's insightful post, we encounter Gall's Law, a profound principle articulated by John Gall, asserting that all complex systems that work are based on simple systems that work.

Let's stop and sink into those words for a moment: All complex systems that work, are based on simple systems that work.

This principle suggests that even the most intricate ideas can be distilled back to their foundational simplicity, which serves as the baseline for understanding their complexity. The key is to start with the simple system that functions effectively, allowing for reverse engineering to comprehend the more intricate version.

In the realm of message design, adhering to Gall's Law underscores the importance of identifying the core message—a compelling statement of what you do and why your audience should care. By focusing on the fundamental argument or core case for a new idea, one can ensure its viability and effectiveness.

To refine your message through the lens of Gall's Law, consider these three pivotal questions posed by Tamsen's post:

  • What question does your message answer?
  • What principles is your message based on?
  • And how do those combine to create a new idea?


In this week's spotlight, we're featuring Steven Morris's transformative book, "The Beautiful Business: An Actionable Manifesto to Create an Unignorable Business with Love at the Core." As our podcast guest, Steven delves into the principles outlined in his book, exploring how entrepreneurs can infuse love and purpose into their ventures to foster evolution and resilience.

Drawing on timeless wisdom from business, psychology, and the arts, "The Beautiful Business" offers actionable insights to shape businesses that endure the test of time. From igniting a united sense of purpose to redefining success beyond profit, Steven challenges leaders to embrace a more holistic approach to business—one that prioritizes people, culture, community, and the planet. Join us in exploring the profound wisdom of "The Beautiful Business," as we embark on a journey to create businesses that not only thrive but also make a meaningful impact in the world.

Get your copy here 📖

Editor's pick

"Discipline is conditioning your brain to not give a shit if it’s hard or it hurts or it sucks.

If it needs to get done, it gets done. 'Doing hard things' is a habit that must be practiced, or, like all habits, it will be lost."

Mark Manson

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