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SCM Weekly: How troublemaking builds bridges

Published about 2 months ago • 3 min read

Hello and abundant blessings as we embrace the energies of the recent full moon, eclipse, and themes of resurrection and rebirth! With these celestial events stirring potent energies of transformation, we're thrilled to usher in another edition of our newsletter.

In this issue:

  • Exploring troublemaking and social justice: A conversation with Mohan Sivaloganathan
  • Transform your business and life with these 5 smart habits
  • Empower your journey with these insights on the things that trigger us

Building bridges through troublemaking

In our latest podcast episode, Mohan Sivaloganathan takes us on a journey through the intersections of troublemaking, social justice, and education reform. From his personal connection to hip hop as a tool for self-expression to his role as CEO of OurTurn, Mohan shares insights into how he integrates music into transformative work and fosters inclusive leadership approaches.

You will be captivated by Mohan's narrative, exploring the sacredness of his journey and his dedication to education equity rooted in his immigrant background. Mohan inspires us to embrace our uniqueness, utilize storytelling for systemic change, and embody harmonious leadership principles.

Here's a glimpse of the key takeaways:

  1. Embrace your uniqueness: Discover the power of embracing your individuality as your superpower, rather than conforming to societal molds.
  2. Storytelling for systemic change: Learn how personal narratives can contribute to broader societal restructuring and inspire meaningful change.
  3. Embody harmonious leadership: Explore the concept of harmonious leadership, blending well-being, impact, individuality, and community inclusivity.

🎧 Tune in for an insightful exploration of how troublemaking, storytelling, and inclusive leadership can drive transformative action in education and beyond.

Elevate your journey with 5 smart habits

As changemakers, our habits play a crucial role in shaping our personal and professional lives. By adopting intentional habits, we can enhance productivity, foster creativity, and cultivate a positive mindset. Here are five smart habits that successful entrepreneurs swear by:

  1. Mindfulness practice: Mindfulness isn't just about meditation; it's about slowing down, being present, and acknowledging our thoughts and feelings. Whether through meditation or sensory walks, incorporating mindfulness into our daily routine can enhance mental clarity, boost productivity, and build resilience against burnout.
  2. Creative exercise: Creativity is a vital skill for entrepreneurs, and like any muscle, it needs regular exercise to thrive. By dedicating time to creative pursuits every day or week, we can strengthen our creative muscle and foster innovation in our work.
  3. Curiosity and inquiry: Great leaders ask great questions. Cultivating a habit of inquiry allows us to deepen our understanding, gather diverse perspectives, and make informed decisions. Prioritizing questions over opinions fosters a culture of curiosity and continuous learning within our teams.
  4. Pursuit of hobbies: Entrepreneurs often neglect hobbies in the pursuit of business success. However, hobbies provide an essential outlet for stress relief, creativity, and social connection. By prioritizing hobbies, we can achieve better work-life balance and enrich our overall well-being.
  5. Practice of generosity: Giving back, whether through acts of kindness, financial contributions, or volunteering, is a habit that breeds abundance and fulfillment. Incorporating regular acts of generosity into our lives not only benefits others but also reinforces a mindset of abundance and gratitude.

Remember, small actions compounded over time yield remarkable results, so commit to these habits consistently and watch your personal and professional growth soar.

Embracing your triggers for growth

In life's journey, we encounter triggers—people or situations that evoke strong emotional responses. While these triggers may initially disturb our peace, they actually serve as treasures, guiding us toward greater self-awareness and liberation. Triggers often reflect aspects of ourselves that need attention and healing, offering opportunities for personal growth and transformation.

In a recent article published by our friends at Ceremonia, the authors discuss how triggers serve as mirrors, reflecting back aspects of ourselves we may overlook. As such, triggers provide hidden gifts as some of our biggest teachers for growth through introspection and healing. In order to access the healing triggers provide, we must approach triggers with curiosity, soften judgments, and cultivate compassion.

Here's 5 practical steps for "trigger treasure hunting":

  1. Notice: Pause and observe sensations, thoughts, and emotions when triggered.
  2. Reflect: Journal about insights and patterns revealed by triggers.
  3. Investigate: Explore the roots and purposes of reactive patterns.
  4. Reframe: Consider triggers as growth opportunities for learning and release.
  5. Integrate: Practice mindful responses and engage in self-care to support healing.

Ultimately, accepting responsibility for our reactions is pivotal in the journey to emotional freedom. Here are three reflective questions to sit with:

  1. What triggers have you felt recently?
  2. How can you use that trigger as guidance?
  3. What is asking to be transmuted into greater alignment, wisdom, and grace?


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