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SCM Weekly: Healing the women and the waters

Published about 2 months ago • 4 min read

Greetings and warm spring wishes. As we celebrate the recent spring equinox and embrace the season of renewal and growth, we extend a hearty welcome to another edition of our newsletter. Join us as we sow the seeds of inspiration in this weeks highlighted stories.

In this issue:

  • Insights on water, women, and transformation
  • Remote work: Strategies for connection and collaboration
  • Navigating tough conversations & firing employees with compassion

Restoring balance & healing the waters

In an enthralling Sacred Changemakers podcast episode with Laurie Benson, a passionate advocate for women and the power of water, Laurie emphasizes the importance of connecting with our bodies as we navigate conversations and experiences, highlighting how our existing filters can impact our connections with others. A powerful reminder of the importance of deep connection, and the potential for transformation and change that lies within each of us.

Laurie delves into the profound connection between women, water, and consciousness, sharing experiences with indigenous communities in the Amazon. Laurie also explores the concept of balance between masculine and feminine energies, and how we can play a role in restoring this balance in our own lives and society.

💧 Here are some key takeaways:

1️⃣ Drop into the heart space: Laurie invites us to activate our hearts as a point of connection to all of life. By showing up connected in this heart space, we have the power to transform ourselves and the experiences of those we interact with

2️⃣ Holding space for change: Laurie explores the idea of holding space instead of always rushing into action. They share their experiences of being invited into a space of energetic resonance and how it has become the genesis of change. Discover the power of curiosity and exploration.

3️⃣ Women and the healing power of water: Laurie's work is deeply rooted in creating opportunities for women. They emphasize the importance of women healing the water that flows through them, as it contributes to the healing of the Earth. Get inspired to tap into the power of water within you and participate in the greater collective healing.

Cultivating community in remote work

While some progressive companies have been adopting remote-first working over the past decade, this new way of work didn't hit the mainstream until the Covid pandemic. Now, there are many companies of all sizes offering different flavors of remote work, and navigating the benefits and challenges that this presents.

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, Rachel Montañez suggests that by acknowledging and addressing the virtual distance experienced by remote workers, leaders can cultivate a supportive environment that encourages meaningful connections and enhances overall well-being.

Whether you're working on your own flow and ritual with remote work, or helping clients and leaders who are, here's a few actionable ideas to fight loneliness in the remote work space and improve team harmony...

1️⃣ Model holistic communication: Communication is everything in a remote team and it's important for leaders to model what this should look like. Prioritize communicating early and often is the way forward.

2️⃣ Reflect on team dynamics: Evaluate potential barriers to connection within your team and create spaces in your virtual workspaces to address them, such as pop-up channels for projects, and cross-team communication.

3️⃣ Provide support: Facilitate regular 1:1 conversations with the team outside of day-to-day work tasks, to offer mentorship, career development, and interpersonal support

4️⃣ Create space for recognition: Seek input from team members on preferred methods of acknowledgement to foster a culture of appreciation.

5️⃣ Initiate community-building activities: Organize virtual social events, skill-sharing sessions, and consider offering team offsite's or retreats.

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Navigating difficult conversations with compassion

Navigating the process of employee termination is often regarded as one of the toughest challenges leaders face in the business world. It requires a delicate balance of compassion, clear communication, and professionalism. Business owner and executive coach Tim Madden shares valuable strategies for handling the challenging task of terminating an employee with compassion and respect.

By approaching the process of termination with compassion and clear communication, leaders can navigate this difficult task with integrity, ultimately strengthening relationships and maintaining a positive work environment. Here's some tips:

  • Taking ample time to prepare for the termination ensures clarity and professionalism.
  • Gathering necessary documentation, choosing an appropriate setting, and rehearsing the conversation can help mitigate potential complications.
  • Adopt direct and honest communication during the termination meeting.
  • Deliver the news with empathy, avoiding ambiguity is crucial to prevent misunderstandings and maintain dignity.
  • Show empathy and actively listen to the employee's response — allowing space for emotional expression fosters a sense of respect and understanding during a challenging time.
  • Discuss the transition process thoroughly, including next steps and available support, demonstrating care for the departing employee's well-being.
  • Maintaining confidentiality and professionalism in the aftermath of the termination is essential for upholding the company's reputation and fostering trust within the team.


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Editor's pick

The sun never says

All this time
The sun never says to the earth,

"You owe

What happens
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It lights the

The Gift, Poems by Hafiz

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