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SCM Weekly: Conquering your biggest fears

Published about 1 month ago • 4 min read

Welcome back, changemakers, and a warm welcome if you're new here! This week, we're diving into overcoming fears, fostering transparency in our work culture, and exploring the evolving global workforce. Grab your favorite drink, settle in as we uncover insights to ignite your journey toward positive change.

In this issue:

  • Break free from your fears with these proven tactics from Mark Manson
  • How to build trust and unity with a "no secrets" policy
  • The rise of robots & transforming global workforce dynamics

Transforming fear into growth

Facing fears can open doors to immense personal and professional growth. Mark Manson outlines five proven tactics to help you conquer your biggest fears, whether it’s public speaking, heights, or driving.

Here’s a concise guide to tackling your fears and embracing courage:

  1. Exposure therapy: Gradually expose yourself to your fear in small, manageable doses. This retrains your mind to associate the activity with safety rather than danger.
  2. Orthogonal exposure: Engage in related but different activities to build confidence. For example, if you're afraid of heights, try rock climbing indoors before tackling a mountain.
  3. Altitude training: Practice in more challenging conditions so the normal activity feels easier. Stretch your limits in a controlled, safe environment. It's all about pushing those edges!
  4. Make it fun: Transform the feared activity into a fun experience. Enjoyable activities can rewire your brain’s response to fear.
  5. Identity formation: Create positive experiences around the feared activity to reshape your identity. Empowering experiences can redefine your relationship with fear.

Overcoming fears with a friend can be a great way to start. Having a supportive ally can make the process less daunting and more collaborative. Mutual encouragement boosts commitment to overcoming fear.

Closing question: What is a fear you hold that you'd like to turn towards and face? How can you transform your relationship with this fear, and unlock new potentials in your personal and professional life?

Embracing transparency in business

One of the biggest catalysts for change in the world of business is transparency. This means no secrets, no silos, and communicating in the open instead of in private meetings or channels.

Open book leadership isn't just a policy, but a cultural shift within teams that create space for openness, trust, and safety. Speaker, coach, and author Moshe Engelberg shares 7 tips for cultivating transparency and a "no secrets" culture for leaders.

  1. Make it safe: Implement regular, structured team sessions that emphasize respect for all voices and reinforce that it’s safe to express opinions and concerns without fear of negative consequences.
  2. Use red/green/yellow: Apply Mulally’s color-coded system in weekly updates (green for on-track, yellow for caution, and red for attention needed). This makes transparency simple and commends those who take the risk of reporting a "red" status, offering support to address issues.
  3. Lead with vulnerability: Show that leaders can make mistakes too. Sharing your own lessons learned from missteps can demystify failures and encourage others to share their experiences openly.
  4. Implement transparent processes: Make decision-making processes as clear as possible. Whether it's budget allocation or promotions, clarity removes suspicion and fosters trust.
  5. Regularly share company insights: Keep everyone informed. Consistent updates, whether good or bad, prevent the rumor mill from churning.
  6. Practice and reward honesty: Foster a culture where truth is valued. Recognize those who uphold honesty, showing that while it may not always be easy, it’s always appreciated.
  7. Integrate the ABCs of the Amare Way: Focus on Authenticity, Belonging, and Collaboration to strengthen your team's unity and effectiveness. Embed these values into everyday practices to enhance open communication and mutual respect across your organization.

Leading the way as a leader and changemaker by bringing vulnerability and transparency to an organization brings profound benefits in building an open and honest culture. What steps could you take to bring more transparency into your work today?

Automation, robots & the future of the global workforce

A discussion topic from our Inner Circle this week stemmed from Raoul Pal's article Robots Are Demographics exploring the accelerating trend of automation and robotics, fundamentally changing the global workforce landscape. Developed countries, facing declining populations, are increasingly turning to robots to offset labor shortages and rising costs.

The cost of industrial robots has plummeted by 85% since 2005, making them significantly cheaper and more productive than human labor. Coupled with advancements in AI, robots are becoming smarter and capable of performing tasks across various sectors, including Amazon's fully autonomous warehouse operations and Walmart's automated distribution centers.

The implications are profound, extending beyond traditional manufacturing to higher-skilled professions like healthcare, journalism, and finance, where AI and robots are increasingly replacing human jobs.

Looking ahead, Pal argues that robots and AI will not only replace human jobs but also reshape the global economy, driving GDP growth and consumption in new ways. He warns of a future where robots could outnumber humans in terms of productivity, potentially leading to significant societal shifts. He predicts that the next fifty years could be a golden age of technological advancement, but beyond that, the rise of robots could spell the end of human dominance in the economy.

Insights for changemakers:

  1. Understand the impact: Educate yourself and your team on the implications of automation and robotics across different industries.
  2. Prepare for change: Invest in skills and technologies that complement automation, focusing on areas where human expertise remains critical.
  3. Embrace innovation: Explore opportunities in AI and robotics that could enhance your business operations and competitiveness.
  4. Plan for the future: Develop long-term strategies that anticipate the evolving role of automation in your industry and workforce.


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