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SCM Weekly: Storytelling for a better world

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Welcome back, and welcome in if you're new here πŸ‘‹ This week's curated insights are all about storytelling, boundary setting, and navigating purpose in our careers. Grab your favorite drink and get ready to ignite your passion for positive change with us πŸ¦‹

In this issue:

  • How stories can be a catalyst for social change with Tamika Bickham
  • The importance of saying no at work!
  • Charting your impact: Navigating careers with purpose and strategy

Storytelling for a better world

Guess what? It’s that time again where we bring unique wisdom wrapped in a heartfelt conversation that will absolutely make your week! Episode 134 of our podcast is hot off the press, and it is an inspiring one πŸŽ™οΈβœ¨

Join our guest Tamika Bickham and our host Jayne Warrilow to discuss delve into the transformative power of authentic narratives in shaping a better world
What you'll explore in this episode:

1. The integrity of intuition: Tamika deep dives into the importance of listening to your gut and sticking to your passion amid chaos – it's your compass towards your true calling.

2. Storytelling as a movement maker: Discover how narratives can connect us and spur action on important issues, from social equality to mental health.

3. Media for good: Big media who? Learn how Tamika is rewriting the script to focus on authenticity and impact with her unique brand of storytelling that spotlights social causes.

4. Driving change through narratives: It's not just about the stories we tell, but how they contribute to policy changes and societal shifts. Spoiler alert: You have more power than you think!

5. Authenticity in the age of AI: In a world where skepticism towards content is the norm, uncover why genuine storytelling is now more important than ever.


πŸ’­ Take a moment to reflect: Recall a story in your life that has significantly influenced your values or actions. What made it so compelling?

Mastering the art of saying no

In the pursuit of creating positive change, it's common to find ourselves stretched thin, juggling various tasks and commitments. Learning to say no at work (and in life, for that matter) without feeling guilty is not just a skillβ€”it's a vital tool for maintaining balance, preserving energy, and maximizing impact.

Deputy editor Kathleen Davis, in a recent FastCompany article, addresses this common workplace dilemma head-on. Drawing from her own experiences and expert insights, she offers valuable advice on navigating requests and setting boundaries with grace and confidence.

For Sacred Changemakers committed to making a difference, saying no at work is not about being uncooperative or selfish; rather, it's about prioritizing tasks that align with their values and contribute meaningfully to their mission. As changemakers, our energy is a precious resource, and learning to protect it allows us to show up fully in our work and avoid burnout.

Davis highlights several key reminders for those hesitant to decline tasks:

  1. Saying no isn't a sign of laziness or defiance: Recognize that declining tasks that don't align with your priorities is a strategic decision to optimize your time and energy.
  2. Setting boundaries is essential for well-being: Establishing healthy boundaries prevents burnout and enables you to focus on tasks that truly matter.
  3. Saying no can lead to greater productivity: By eliminating nonessential tasks, you create space for meaningful work that drives progress toward your goals.

Actionable tips for Sacred Changemakers include:

  • Prioritize tasks aligned with your mission: Before accepting new responsibilities, assess whether they contribute to your overarching goals and values.
  • Communicate respectfully and assertively: When declining tasks, express gratitude for the opportunity and provide a brief explanation of your decision. Offer alternatives or suggestions if possible.
  • Practice self-compassion: Recognize that it's okay to prioritize your well-being and say no when necessary. Trust that by honoring your boundaries, you're better equipped to serve others and create impact.

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Can one person make a difference?

Feeling like one person can't make a difference is a common sentiment in a world filled with daunting challenges. However, a closer look reveals that impactful contributions are indeed possible, albeit often requiring unconventional approaches. The 80,000 Hours career guide explores this notion.

Drawing on historical examples, the guide highlights individuals whose unconventional paths yielded extraordinary results. From medical breakthroughs like oral rehydration therapy to critical decisions preventing nuclear disaster, these stories underscore the potential for immense impact in unexpected roles.

Addressing the question of "making a difference," the guide introduces a comprehensive definition of social impact, emphasizing not only quantity but also quality and longevity of positive change. This nuanced perspective offers avenues for maximizing impact across diverse domains.

To navigate the quest for impactful careers, strategic thinking and a willingness to challenge conventional wisdom are essential. The guide provides actionable insights for changemakers, encouraging them to:

  1. Embrace neglected areas ripe for positive change.
  2. Leverage individual strengths for amplifying impact.
  3. Integrate ethical considerations and personal values into career decisions.

By adopting these approaches, changemakers can effect lasting change, aligning their career paths with meaningful contributions to society. Ultimately, every individual's choices contribute to the collective impact, underscoring the transformative potential within the Sacred Changemakers community.


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"If I go into the place in myself that is love and you go into the place in yourself that is love, we are together in love. Then you and I are truly in love, the state of being love. That’s the entrance to Oneness."​
Ram Dass​

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