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Published 23 days ago • 4 min read

Welcome back, changemakers! In this week's issue, we're excited to share some valuable LinkedIn tips and meaningful insights about compassionate and inclusive leadership.

Important announcement: We're shifting this newsletter to a bi-weekly cadence to create space for exciting new projects within our Inner Circle. Starting now, you'll hear from us every other Sunday. We're looking forward to diving deeper into topics that matter most to you and bringing you even more valuable content. Let's dig in!

In this issue:

  • Transform your LinkedIn strategy & connect with clients authentically
  • Four leadership principles that guide company culture
  • Transforming leadership through compassion

How to boost your client base using LinkedIn

Justin Welsh shares a simple and effective strategy for attracting ideal clients through LinkedIn. Their approach combines the use of Google Alerts and direct messaging (DM) to reach out to potential clients in a more authentic way.

Welsh emphasizes the importance of making your outreach about the recipient rather than yourself. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the method:

Step 1: Set up Google Alerts 🔔 Identify key milestones or triggers in your industry that indicate growth, such as fundraising rounds or speaking events. Set up Google Alerts to notify you when these events occur. For example, Welsh set alerts for healthcare startups raising Series A funding, as this indicated they might need his consulting services.

Step 2: Craft a passive DM template 💌 Create a DM template that focuses on them and their successes, and briefly mentions your relevant experience. Welsh’s template was simple and non-intrusive, making it clear he was paying attention to their industry and had a relevant background.

Step 3: Schedule weekly send sessions 📬 Dedicate a specific time each week to send out these DMs. Welsh found that sending 10-12 messages every Friday morning yielded a high response rate. Even with a 10% response rate, this approach could add significant value to his pipeline annually.

Welsh’s method works because it’s subtle, friendly, and non-aggressive, which helps build genuine connections and invites potential clients to learn more. By highlighting industry knowledge and keeping the message short and focused on the recipient, he effectively drives engagement and interest.

The four I's of leadership

There's a powerful quote from Larry Senn that says, “Culture is not an initiative. Culture is the enabler of all initiatives.” This resonates deeply with us at Sacred Changemakers.

In a recent Fast Company article, the author shares how their startup’s values fuel everything they do, highlighting what they call the “Four I’s”: instinct, integrity, intensity, and inclusion. These values are the bedrock of their company culture and can offer valuable lessons for us all.

Instinct: Cultivating instinct is crucial in both business and life. Leaders must hone their ability to anticipate problems and make decisive moves, even without all the details. This skill is developed through experience and a willingness to ask tough questions and learn from the outcomes.

Integrity: Making decisions that uphold your values, even at the cost of short-term gains. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals and remaining open to feedback can help maintain this standard.

Intensity: Fostering passion, urgency, and accountability within your team. This intensity must be sustained over time by continually challenging and engaging team members, ensuring that the drive for excellence never wanes.

Inclusion: Vital for fostering diverse thought and achieving exponential growth. It involves hiring from a broad talent pool and engaging with the wider community to understand and address broader challenges. Inclusion is about striving for the greater good and pushing beyond the familiar.

These “Four I’s” are essential for cultivating a robust company culture. In today’s competitive business environment, a strong culture can significantly enhance your organization’s ability to attract and retain talent, driving long-term success.

Compassionate leadership

In today’s fast-paced business world, compassionate leadership often takes a backseat to the relentless pursuit of targets. Yet, true leadership lies in empathy and selflessness, creating a work environment where individuals are valued beyond mere statistics. A new Tapuat article explores the essence of heart-centered leadership, offering seven guiding principles for fostering compassion in leadership roles.

Inner Peace: Heart-centered leaders prioritize inner tranquility amidst chaos. This calmness fosters clarity, resilience, and a productive environment for their teams.

Non-Attachment: Embracing impermanence allows leaders to let go of control and adapt to evolving situations. This mindset encourages innovation and growth.

Dharma: Aligning leadership with a sense of purpose and moral duty inspires motivation and fulfillment. Understanding and embracing one’s true calling can unify and energize an organization.

Inner Joy: Compassionate leaders find happiness in engaging with challenges. Embracing inner joy fuels optimism, creativity, and resilience, positively impacting those around them.

Presence: Being fully present in the moment enables leaders to understand their team’s needs better, make sound decisions, and forge meaningful connections.

Selflessness: Serving others with compassion promotes humility, empathy, and collaboration. This principle helps create a supportive and inclusive work environment.

Unity: Recognizing the interconnectedness of all beings fosters empathy, open dialogue, and mutual respect, promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Leadership isn’t about having all the answers. It’s about creating a culture of support and trust. By showing vulnerability and seeking advice, leaders build a powerful bond with their teams, fostering an environment where everyone feels safe to share and grow. By embracing these principles, leaders can cultivate environments where every voice is heard, every dream is cherished, and every individual is valued. This approach not only nurtures teams and organizations but also paves the way for a future filled with unity, resilience, and collective success.


The system within: Addressing the inner dimensions of sustainability and systems transformation

We're thrilled to spotlight a new paper shared by one of our Inner Circle members, Dr. Chloe Hill, who was an independent reviewer for this publication. Titled "The system within," this publication is part of the Earth4All project and offers a deep dive into the inner dimensions of sustainability and systems transformation.

The paper emphasizes the importance of psychological, social, and spiritual factors in driving sustainable solutions. It provides systems thinkers with essential language to advocate for holistic approaches to system change. This publication is a must-read for anyone interested in creating a more equitable and sustainable future.

📚 Read the full paper

Editor's pick

"What are you waiting around for certainty for before acting? Is that certainty ever realistically going to come without doing anything to find out?"

Mark Manson

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